SD Flash William’s Fabulous Foals

The last of Flash William’s foals have arrived and we could not be more pleased. There are four fillies and two colts. They are all colors, from snow white to silver dapple to liver chestnut but what they all have in common, is their amazing conformation and incredible temperament. We would like to introduce you to SD Flash Williams 2012 foals.

This group of intrepid youngsters are the oldest of the foals.

SD Buster was the first to arrive.  He is an amazing young colt.  With lots of bone and very stout body just like his sire,  SD Buster, is very gregarious.  Always first to greet anyone at the gate,  he is truly a “pocket pony.”  Since he is the oldest he is also the leader for any games.  I have gone down to do bed check only to find him pestering one of the fillies to get up and play with him.  Never mind that they were fast asleep. Even his mother is not immune to Buster’s insistence that there is always time to play.

SD Buster is wonderful colt. He is going to make someone a wonderful herd sire. This lovely boy is being offered for sale.

Our next SD Flash William foal was a little filly.  I went down to see if there were any new babies and lo and behold, Charity had  in fact delivered a little early morning surprise.  There along the fence line was a new born foal who at first glance I took to be a white garbage bag blown up against the fence.  When I realized we had a new foal I was so excited by her color or rather absence of color, that I went running up the hill to get Stevie off the phone to take a look.   Once we had her up we confirmed that she was in fact snow white.

SD Angel is Buster’s best friend and a core member of his corral welcoming committee.  The two are inseparable.

SD Angel is a beautiful filly.  She is a tank.  She has lots of bone and nice flat joints with beautiful “sweet head.”  She has already been sold and will be off to her new home once she is weaned.

Our next little filly is SD Summer.  She is a lovely chestnut blagdon.  She is kind and sweet.  Always willing to play along, she is the calming influence in this boisterous group.

She is so pretty with her unusual eyes.  SD Summer has one blue eye and one eye that is part blue and part brown.  Both eyes have eyeliner which makes her eyes quite striking.

She is a very friendly filly.  Always ready for a good scratch she is very gentle.  Recently some friends brought their 3 year old daughter out to meet the horses.  She was fascinated by the foals.  SD Summer was right there but realizing that she was just a baby, she stood quietly with her head down so that it was easy for London to pet her.  SD Summer is for sale.

Our next foal is another filly, who just like her mother, was a bit of a “Mystery.”    You see, this filly’s dam is named Mystery and she carries both a cream gene and a pearl gene.  When she was born, this little filly who we named SD Emily was a silvery grey with a dorsal stripe.

Not long after she was born, the weather here in Southern California turned really warm.  We decided that to keep the babies comfortable everyone would get body clipped.  Well underneath that silvery coat we found something quite different.

SD Emily is a lovely filly.  She hides a cream gene.  We are looking forward to seeing what color this little filly actually ends up being when she is grown. SD Emily is for sale.

SD Flash William’s final filly for the summer is a lovely little bay filly we have named SD Gemma.  She was born May 21 so she is still timid about leaving her dam, Cognac to join in the paddock games with the rest of the foals.

She is very friendly and loves to wander up with her Mom to have her ears scratched.  She loves to hang with the other foals as long as her Mom is with her.

I am sure it is just a matter of a few weeks and she will be off with the rest of the youngsters, not a care in the world and only anxious to see her Mom if it is time to nurse.  SD Gemma is for sale.

Our final SD Flash William foal is a colt.  I must admit I was surprised when we discovered that Goldie had had a colt.  After numerous fillies, this is her first son.  Like all of her prior foals, SD Silver Dollar is a silver dapple.

He is quite striking since in addition to his color SD Silver Dollar has one blue eye.

This little fella is a charmer.  He has tons of bone and nice flat joints with a short back and an apple butt.  Stevie has not decided yet if  SD Silver Dollar  will be offered for sale.

We are delighted with what SD Flash William has put on the ground here in America.  We think it is an exceptional group of foals.  We are looking forward to next summer to see what he produces for 2013.


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