“Take Me To The River”

It has been a very wet and dreary summer in England.  Sunshine has been a rare commodity.  So on one of those rare sunny days,  in typical big brother fashion, Steve had a stroke of genius!  When you have a lot of dirty horses and you want to play in the water…

You guessed it!  Gather together the best Gypsy horse washing crew in the country (aka your sisters) and head for the river!

But really, what’s the fun in only getting “a little wet?”

I am not going to lie to you.  When I saw Janey’s pictures (you have noticed that everyone is in the water EXCEPT the photographer) I was  overcome with jealousy.   I mean really, WHAT FUN!

To his credit, Steve is not just an idea man.  Not to be outdone, he got down and wet along with everyone else.

However, the humans were not the only ones having a good time playing in the water.

And now the end product.  Horses that are not only beautiful but clean!

So I will be heading off to England in a month.  There are lots of things to get done as we get ready for winter.  However, there is one thing I am certain of and that is if there is even one nice warm day during my stay….yup you guessed it.  They are gonna take ME to the river! lol


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