Practice Makes Perfect

As the countdown continues to The Hollywood Christmas Parade, we are spending plenty of time on the road.  The busier it is the better we like it.  Today was no exception.  Acton was jumping!

Motorhomes to motorcycles, the boys took it all in stride.

I am so proud of everyone, both the horses and their riders.  They are all working so hard to make both events, The Hollywood Christmas Parade and the The Rose Parade, hugely successful.

Of course we also need to practice our routine for Equestfest.

It won’t be long and Stevie, his son Steve and his daughter Josy will be here for The Hollywood Christmas Parade.  It will be wonderful to have them on this side of the pond for a few days.  Of course we will be crazy busy getting everything ready.  I can’t wait.

P.S.  We let one of our young gelding, Seamus ride with us today.  He did great even when the motorcycles went roaring by us.  It was a great day.


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