Lights, Camera, Action... SD Goes “Hollywood”

After a lot of practice on the streets of Acton, our big day arrived.  It was time to get ready for our first BIG parade, THE HOLLYWOOD CHRISTMAS PARADE.

Everyone got a “shampoo and blow dry.”   As many of you know, Gypsy Horses love nothing more than a good roll in the dirt. Baths were definitely in order.   Once all five horses were clean and ready to go, we were off  to Hollywood.  After we made our way to the equestrian staging area, it was time to get everyone out to finish preparations for the big event.

Stevie, Josy and Steve all came for the parade.   It is such fun for all of us to be together working with our horses on this side of the pond.

This beautiful flat cart is over 80 years old and has been in the Down family for years.  It is only fitting that Stevie will drive Ruari with the cart.  Just to make sure everything is perfect, Steve took Ruari for a test drive.

We had to be ready and moving into the staging area by 5p  so there was a flurry of activity to get the horses and the riders ready.

At long last the big moment arrived.   Here we are out on the red carpet!

It was a wonderful evening.  Now it is onward and upward.  We will ring in the new year at the 2013 TOURNAMENT OF ROSES PARADE.   Personally, I can’t wait.


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