Welcome to Romany Lurchers

Jacob and James @ 6 weeks old

We are very excited with our latest venture here at SD Farm.  As part of our ongoing commitment to preserve the animals, both equine and canine, that are a critical part of the  Romany Gypsy way of life,  we are now breeding true Romany Gypsy Lurchers.

Gypsy Girl laying in the bushes

This loyal and hardy dog was an integral part of the Gypsy family’s way of life on the road.   At night,  your Lurchers slept under the wagon to insure that no intruders approached the wagon unannounced.  If the roads were icy and the horses could not go out and work, it was hunting with the Lurchers that provided food for the family until the weather cleared.

Mercedes taking a nap

Each Gypsy family developed their own version of the Lurcher.  Our Lurchers are the Lurcher breeding started by Stevie’s father.  We have imported 5 dogs from our farm in England, 3 females and 2 males.  Two of our bitches, Mercedes and Marie, and one of our dogs, Jacob,  are rough coats and one of our bitches, Gypsy Girl,  and one of  our dogs, James, are smooth coats.

I love this breed of dog.  They are very smart.  They have been so easy to housebreak.  (I love that part)  Lurchers are very loyal.  They are good with children.   They range in size from 35  to 50lbs.

We have two litters at the moment.  Mercedes’  litter was born November  20th and Marie’s litter was born November 29th.  All of the puppies will be available for sale.



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