Everything is coming up ROSES!

So all the months of preparation are over and The 2013 TOURNAMENT OF ROSES PARADE is just a memory.  It was a labor of love and….exhausting.  We spent the night in the “pit”  under the 215 freeway.  Dark and cold, it was one equestrian unit after another all lined up.  Everyone was trying to keep warm and catch a few winks in their vehicles.  We were up and getting everyone ready at 4:15a.   After a quick walk for each of the horses, it was time to tack them up and get the riders ready.  At 5:41a we started the mile walk to collect the cart.  Our beautiful antique flat cart was waiting, all decorated, in a secured area closer to the parade route.

We got to the cart and hitched Ruari.  Then we waited in line for a turn to step out on to the parade route.

I have to say that The Rose Parade is one of the most organized events I have ever witnessed.  It runs like a well oiled machine.  It was a privilege to be part of such prestigious event.    Our time out on the parade route was magical.

I think I speak for all of us, Stevie, Josy, Steve and myself, when I say it was an experience we will never forget.   It was a unique opportunity to show the world what we are all about here at SD Farm.  Despite what might be fashionable at the moment we will continue to breed a nice heavy TRADITIONAL Gypsy Cob.  Conformation is king here.  If you watched our stallions out on the parade route you know what I am talking about when it comes to proper conformation.

We are committed to preserving this horse as it  was envisioned by Stevie’s father and grandfather.   The Rose Parade was the perfect opportunity to show the world that vision made real.



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