Here Comes the Bride

Our darling Janey is now a married lady.  She and Gavin Willcox were married on September 4th.  As you can see,  she was a stunningly beautiful bride.  It seems like we just celebrated her 18th birthday at the Ft. Worth Stock Show and now another milestone!  It is such a pleasure to be a part of her life.

I had the good fortune to help Janey plan her wedding, her defacto wedding planner!  Lol  It was such fun.  Lots of conversations about sweets, flowers and balloons!  You have no idea how many wedding balloons there are to chose from on the internet!  It took us days to narrow down the choices.  I think Janey and Gavin will be eating the leftover sweets until their first anniversary party!  Everything looked so good that it was hard to choose!  Janey and her Mom found a lovely hotel in Newbury for the wedding.  The wedding dress was so Janey.  Very elegant and classy.   The result was a wonderful setting for a very special day.

I love this picture of Janey and Stevie taken right before he walked her down the aisle. It is so clear that there is an incredible bond between father and daughter.

Janey and her bridesmaids all looked amazing.  Dixie is such a beautiful young woman.  Baby Janey (who is the most photogenic child in the world) looked so grown up in her bridesmaid dress.

Everyone works so hard.   Caring for the horses is a monumental task and keeps everyone busy from early morning until late at night so it was  fabulous to see everyone dressed up and having a good time.

Janey with her brother, Steve and her sisters, Josy, Bonny and Dixie. A handsome group of siblings

Janey with Dixie, Josy, her mom, Jane and Bonny.  Don’t they all look beautiful!

Janey with Josy, Dixie, Bonny and Mary Kate.   Stunning young women!

Janey and her big brother, Steve.  She is a beauty and Steve is looking quite dapper

Janey has married a wonderful guy.  He is a hardworking young man and clearly devoted to Janey.

Stevie did double duty as father of the bride and  the best man.  You must agree it is a very good looking wedding party!

This family is incredibly special to me.  I count myself very lucky to have all of them in my life.   It is not often you find yourself blessed with another son, five daughters and five grand babies!

Janey and me

Baby Janey and me

Baby Steveboy (who I might add is my Godson) and me

Steve and his wife, Mary Kate and their children

Yes this is Josy in a dress and Baby Mary Kate!  Beautiful girls!

Dixie and Bonny with Baby Mary Kate.  They looked stunning!

It was a memorable day!  I wish Janey and Gavin a lifetime of happiness!  I am already planning the First Wedding Anniversary party….and maybe thinking of ideas for a baby shower!  You know me always have to be organizing something!  Love you!

And obviously a huge thanks to by best friend for sharing his family!


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