Life in Missouri

It has been 3 years now since we made the move from our farm in Acton, California and relocated to Holden, Missouri.  It is a decision that we have never regretted.  It is a beautiful place; serene and beautiful.  We love the pond!  My favorite thing is feeding the catfish.  I never tire of watching them demolish the dogs left over breakfast or dinner.  They are so efficient!  They don’t miss a crumb!

The farm is 60 acres of heaven.  It was a cattle farm before we moved in and so there have been modifications along the way; but it is working out perfectly for the horses, the Lurchers, and for us!

We have added a number of stallion paddocks, plus automatic waters.  The pastures were in need of some TLC and we have given them loads of loving attention.  LOL! As you can see all the work has paid off!  This was one of the pastures we redid after our first summer in Holden.  We took the entire pasture down to bare dirt in the fall and it was lush grass by April.

Some of our stallion paddocks.  It is so wonderful to sit on one of the benches and watch them. Plenty of room to run and nice big round hay bales!  Such a different way of life.  I especially like the big round bales.  What a difference it makes.  So much more efficient.

We never tire of the view.  Missouri is a beautiful place.  The farm is perfect.  We can’t imagine living anywhere else.  Winter, spring, summer, or fall; it is a wonderful place to live.

The horses seem to love the winter!

Or if it gets a bit much there is always a cozy run in to get out of the wind and snow.

The 4 acre pond is our favorite places.  No dog food goes to waste here.  Anything that is left is fed to the fish that live in the pond.  We have some GIANT catfish.  Love watching them come to the surface to grab the dog food.  They never leave even one piece of kibble!  So efficient

The horses love their new home.  All of this grass is a far cry from the sandy dirt at the edge of the high desert.  There is nothing more pleasurable than watching them get turned out in the pasture.  It was really hot this past week and so we give the herd an opportunity to hang out at the stock pond for awhile.  THEY LOVED IT.  This video makes me smile every time I watch it

It is so much fun when my family in England comes over to the farm!  They are all Missourians at heart!

Baby Steveboy  on his first visit to the farm was so excited to see SD Bruno again!!

Baby Steveboy has claimed the Kubota!  Lol

Earlier this spring I had this lovely trio with me!!! We had so much fun.   They are old hands at the farm.  We love spending time together here

Stevie loves the farm!  He loves that there is grass and not sand!  California was just never his kind of place.  Missouri, however, is a different story!

The “show me state” has certainly shown us that this is where we belong.  Loving life on this farm!


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