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4 08, 2017

Life in Missouri


It has been 3 years now since we made the move from our farm in Acton, California and relocated to Holden, Missouri.  It is a decision that we have never regretted.  It is a beautiful place; serene and beautiful.  [...]

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19 09, 2014

Here Comes the Bride


Our darling Janey is now a married lady.  She and Gavin Willcox were married on September 4th.  As you can see,  she was a stunningly beautiful bride.  It seems like we just celebrated her 18th birthday at the Ft. [...]

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24 06, 2013

My Gypsy Journey


For all of us there are defining moments where we stand at the crossroads and one decision sets in motion a chain of events that alters your life forever.  For me that moment came as I thumbed through a [...]

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1 02, 2013

Everything is coming up ROSES!


So all the months of preparation are over and The 2013 TOURNAMENT OF ROSES PARADE is just a memory.  It was a labor of love and….exhausting.  We spent the night in the “pit”  under the 215 freeway.  Dark and cold, [...]

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9 12, 2012

Welcome to Romany Lurchers


Jacob and James @ 6 weeks old We are very excited with our latest venture here at SD Farm.  As part of our ongoing commitment to preserve the animals, both equine and canine, that are a critical part of the [...]

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6 12, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action… SD Goes “Hollywood”


After a lot of practice on the streets of Acton, our big day arrived.  It was time to get ready for our first BIG parade, THE HOLLYWOOD CHRISTMAS PARADE. Everyone got a “shampoo and blow dry.”   As many of [...]

Lights, Camera, Action… SD Goes “Hollywood”2018-04-17T18:04:18+00:00
4 11, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect


As the countdown continues to The Hollywood Christmas Parade, we are spending plenty of time on the road.  The busier it is the better we like it.  Today was no exception.  Acton was jumping! Motorhomes to motorcycles, the boys took [...]

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19 10, 2012

SD Buster – Colt Extraordinaire


It has been awhile since I updated my blog.  Truthfully I have SO many things to tell you about that I am at a loss for where to begin, so I think I will begin at the begining…with our first [...]

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31 08, 2012

“Take Me To The River”


It has been a very wet and dreary summer in England.  Sunshine has been a rare commodity.  So on one of those rare sunny days,  in typical big brother fashion, Steve had a stroke of genius!  When you have a [...]

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12 07, 2012

SD Hercules: Own a Hero


Hercules, the ancient hero of Greek and Roman mythology, was renowned for his strength and his valor.  This has proven to be an apt name for this boy.   It is a pleasure to watch him in action.  All muscle [...]

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