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About Us

We are a breeding farm that is dedicated to preserving the traditional Gypsy Cob as envisioned by generations of the Down family.  We believe that the short back, the heavy bone, the deep heart girth, the rounded croup and the proper tail set are all vital to the proper conformation of a true Gypsy Cob. Temperament is key.  A proper Gypsy Cob is a kind and willingly partner. That is the horse we are breeding today and the horse will continue to breed; one that is true to its roots as the work horse of a proper Romany Gypsy family.

Our mandate is, as it has always been, to ensure that Alf Down’s description of a proper Gypsy Cob is as true in the future as it was when he was just a boy learning from his own father. “This is a horse that was meant to do a day’s work.” That is the lesson he taught his son, Stevie and the lesson that Stevie in turn has taught his children and grandchildren. It is a message that is written in all of our hearts and one that he has so generously shared with me.

I hope you enjoy our website. These horses are our heart.


Stevie and Wylleen